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Nursing call

  • 01
    Greater resource capacity! The most functional solution allows hands-free communication and presence identification.
  • 02
    Smart not only in name! It is the most cost-effective communication solution.
  • 03
    Economical and essential! The best system for those looking for a simplified service.
  • 04
    With the Digital Central and the Sincron Software, it is possible to record the duration of each call and the monitoring screen signals the events in real time.
  • 05
    Simple and practical! The Ideal system for those who want ease of installation and maintenance.
  • 06
    PCD toilets
    Developed to serve bathrooms for people with special needs, following the ABNT NBR 9050:2020 AND ABNT NBR5410:2004 standard, ideal for public bathrooms in hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, bank agencies, commercial and residential buildings, football stadiums Among others

Special services for our customers.


Our technical team not only performs the installation, but also ensures the commissioning process, until the system is operating independently.


Our preventive and corrective maintenance services ensure the reduction of major errors and technical failures and correct emergency problems.

Advice and Consulting

These are services that aim to identify and offer the ideal system for your needs, in addition to presenting and indicating the proper use of the products.

Client support

The support services and technical call offer the necessary support for the solution of any type of problem regarding the Sincron systems.
“In our institution, we opted for the Master System, which serves us perfectly. When we have any kind of unforeseen, the service and technical assistance is always very agile and efficient.”
Fernanda Nogueira Coutinho
“This partnership helped to optimize our corrective interventions and to lower our costs as well. Sincron's technical team always acts very quickly and solves any type of problem.”
Marcelo Rezende de Oliveira
“Sincron helps us to seek new solutions that can meet our specific needs. They collaborate so that there is a continuous improvement of our call systems.”
Glinaldo Firmino Dos Santos
“Thanks to flexibility and technical support, our maintenance system is more agile and optimized. Emergencies are dealt with quickly and our partnership brings improvements and innovation to customers.”
Roberto Carlos da Silva
“One of our best partners. Excellent service, both, sales and after sales. Requests for equipment and emergency support are promptly answered, even on weekends.”
Fabio Antonio Guimaraes
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